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We're excited to off a brand new experience for 2021! Years ago, we only focused on creating videos. As more and more clients needed photography we started to move away from doing strictly video. Lately however, clients keep asking us "do you do videography as well"? We have the equipment, we have the people, so yes...yes we can do that for you.

We use top of the line equipment to capture your day. Our services include 4K video, 1 minute highlight trailers for social media, enhanced audio for vows and speeches, and drone videography.   Contact us here if you would like more information about these services.

If you're looking for a unique experience for your big wedding day or your senior portraits then you've come to the right place! We've established ourselves in Western North Carolina as a premier photography group. Now, we can offer you the same excellence our customers have come to expect in video format as well. We're just getting started back on this journey so please check out our YouTube channel for more and more videos.