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Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Fun

Valentine's Day is always fun theme to play around with for photo shoots.  This marks the 5th Valentine's Day Photo Shoot in a row.  Guess we'll have to start raising the bar and make this a real tradition!

This year we decided to go with a high fashion look with the outfits but incorporated the fun and cuddly stuffed animals as our valentines.  To make it a little more special this year I wanted to incorporate our video production capabilities.  We went around and around and stopped on the music video idea.  It's a fun way for the girls to let loose and just have fun.  We picked the song "Forget You" to let the girls stronger personalities shine.  Don't know about you....but I think they did a great job!!

The other challenge we had this year was COVID restrictions.  We limited the shoot to 2 seniors at a time and made sure they didn't have exposure or symptoms.  We did 4 different shoots over 3 different days.  I was exhausted but it was worth it!  I just love doing these themed shoots with our Senior Model Crew.

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