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Top 6 Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

As a professional wedding photographer and videographer for over ten years, Forte has been privileged to work with some amazing couples.  Some of these couples have become good friends.   On the flip side, there have been some disastrous events, primarily resulting from the items listed list below.  

Here are 6 of the biggest mistakes couples made and how you can learn from them:

Wedding Photography

1. Didn’t allow enough time to get ready.

There are so many implications to here.  In addition to stress, if you run out of time you’ll have to cut time from another task.  Do you want to cut pre-ceremony photos when you just paid for it?

“We did not budget enough time for hair and makeup for bridesmaids, mothers, and me. I was last and ended up being so rushed. I didn’t even look in the mirror before we raced out of the house to get to the wedding—20 min late—which just added more stress to an already stressful situation.”

“My makeup artist was running late and we ended up doing what we could with the time we had left, which is not at all what we discussed. Hello, purple eye shadow and huge fake lashes.”

My takeaway: If you think it will take 2 hours to get ready with hair and makeup, give yourself 4 hours.   Getting married at 4?  Have your hair and makeup artist arrive at 12.  Have lunch, relax, live in the moment with your girls!

2. Didn’t hire a videographer.

A video brings an entirely different story to your big day than still photography does.  Being able to watch and hear the big and small moments from that day is something that generations will cherish.

“Not getting a video of our day. Biggest. Regret. Ever.”

“I didn’t video. BIG MISTAKE!”

“I didn’t hire a videographer, but looking back I wish I had someone there to capture the moments that went by so fast.”

“I would have fought harder for a videographer if I would’ve known how much I wanted it a year later.  But now it’s too late.”

The takeaway: This was easily the most regretted item on the list.  Due to budget concerns, some have a friend record things on their phone. When it comes to budget, think about the things that will last AFTER that day.

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3. Making changes on that day.

Why add stress to one of the biggest days of your life?  Changing anything at the last minute will inevitably create confusion.  I’ve watched as weddings got heated about who was supposed to be seated at the ceremony first—all because of a small change.

“On my wedding day, I went a different direction with hair and regretted it. It was too short, not the curl I wanted, and I just ended up not feeling very ‘me’ on my day.”

“I got my eyebrows done by someone who wasn’t my normal girl and it didn’t go well.”

The takeaway:  Spend the extra time on the wedding plan.  Have that makeup trial and stick to what you liked!  There was a reason you liked it then, so don’t take unnecessary chances on such a big important day. 

4. Didn’t get the photograph that you desired.

The photographer is there for you.  If you have hired a professional don’t hesitate to ask for specific photos you want.  It helps to have these listed for your photographer before the wedding day.  Most professionals will have a shot list for you to complete. The reception is a great time to get those other images you forgot to put on the list.  Flag down your photographer; I’m sure they will be more than happy to snap a few frames for you.

“The pictures were stunning, yet I didn’t request specific photos, such as a picture with my sisters or a group photo with all of the wedding guests.”

“Make a list of the photos you want well in advance! I trusted that I’d remember, but I wish I’d made a list and given it to someone to ensure every pic happened!”

“I only have one ‘posed’ picture of me and my parents and none with my best friend. Give your photographer a list of must-have shots, both candid and posed.”

The takeaway: Take the time and make the list LONG, BEFORE the wedding day.  That way, you can keep going back and adding shots you may have omitted.  Don’t trust yourself to remember on the wedding day.  There is too much happening already.

Bride Dancing at Reception

5. Got drunk.

Many brides and grooms start celebratingearly in the day.  Hanging out with friends, laughing, and having a few drinks are often part of the experience. 

“I drank mimosas while getting ready and by the time I was halfway through the reception I was spinning because I hadn’t eaten anything.” 

The takeaway: You may not even be a big drinker but you may have people handing you drinks all day.  Everyone wants to celebrate with you!  Brides may want to have someone check on the groomsmen several times that day.  I’ve lost count of how many weddings where groomsmen get too drunk, too aggressive, or pass out at the reception. 

6. I wasn’t in the moment

Let’s face it, a lot is happening.

“Overall biggest mistake was getting caught up in what I thought I should do vs. what I needed/didn’t need to just enjoy the day.”

“I was so scared about being a crying mess that I suppressed my feelings and wasn’t fully present.”

“Don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about making mistakes—if you’re married at the end of the day, nothing else matters.” 

The takeaway: Don’t worry so much!  At the end of the day, you’ll be married.  Most all of the things you will worry about don’t matter in the end.  It’s a big day that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Be present.

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Hope you enjoyed our list of wedding mistakes and how to avoid your own. If you’d like to know more about us, fill out the short form below. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to work with everyone, so if we think you’d be a good fit with us will be in touch.

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