everybody is Erin here this is my bike you’re watching bones Jones and we’re about to pack this sucker so stay tuned let’s let’s take off the fairings I have a video of this that I did a while back but I’m going to do it again show you updated video this time we got these guys involved pulling them off these parts I’m going to actually take off this bike 2 carbon fiber so by time you watch us I probably already got it carbon fibers so make sure you check out the channel to see all that ninja 250 golden boo boo Boop ,yamaha r6 fairings,so let’s do it let’s do it first off ten screws there there there there’s a plastic bolt screw thing there another one on the bottom inside here there is right inside we have one a little plastic knob thing okay you need to pop off and there’s another one up here oh my goodness stretching okay so here’s the deal I got all the obvious screws out.

I don’t know if I mentioned there’s one down here anyways now it’s this front one that we got to worry about refocused okay so how you do this is you put the screwdriver in and yet effing pry this okay no and then that’s the screw stuff falling out still okay then that’s one loose and there’s another one under there that you got to do and another one under there so you just stick a screwdriver in and pry some people have some trouble with it it is a big pain,r1 fairings, if you’re doing it for the first time so I’m gonna get those done we’ll get back in I want to come up here we want to go along here and pop all this plastic not both things that’s the same concept look there’s miscue Jenna these are very critical crucial to be putting the in afterwards you want very careful to break them just pry them out then your plastic should be see your plastic separated okay don’t want to break it so there’s three or four of those do it all the way up here then your bearing should come off so after dropping the phone on the ground and scratching your screen you want to remove the screw out of this guy right here okay and that should be it the bearing comes off .

so I managed a pipe wrench off the end of my my slider there and as I’m pulling the staring off realized that I didn’t pull off the air cover so wow it’s just that one screw right there New York the cover comes off so let’s do that alright so I got the cover off here and when I pulled this fairing it kind of exploded off so what you want to do .

I broke a little plastic piece oh no the end of the world I’m a little plastic clamp I guess might be very careful there’s still that wire right there so could I take off that wire that is for your indicator light and now you’re done guys fancy meeting – this one handed this hurts nope not happening one-handed there,cheap motorcycle fairings, it is guys thanks for watching there is your naked bike the ladies love it here is your fairing yeah so to put it back on you just do the opposite it’s actually not that hard to do and for the other side just rinse and repeat thanks for watching guys you want to see the sucker carbon fiber makes you hit up the channel that’s what this whole things about taking apart get carbon fiber Gumby doozy we’ll see you guys next time ciao