Here are a few wardrobe tips to consider when styling your family session:

  • basics : Think about coordinating your family vs. being matchy-matchy. Wear colors that flatter your skin & hair color. I was given the tip once “select moms outfit first & coordinate dad & the littles with her”. Often times mamas put themselves last, but are often the hardest on themselves. Kiddos are confident & happy in most anything, so consider selecting your outfit first & coordinating everyone else to you!
  • colors : When selecting your outfit colors, think about muted colors vs. bright/vibrant colors. Examples of this would be maroon vs. red, burnt orange vs. bright orange, ivory vs. white, or baby pink vs. hot pink! Often times these bright colors reflect color casts onto the skin. Another trick is to think about your location when planning your outfits; if your session is in a field of colorful wildflowers, neutrals would compliment this location beautifully! A simple wheat field in the fall might be best complimented with the fall wardrobe colors you think of 🙂
  • maternity : We want to accentuate & highlight your baby bump. Fitted, flow-y maxi dresses are absolutely gorgeous for this reason.
  • body type : Don’t be afraid to accentuate your shape (mamas & daddy’s!). Flow-y, fitted fabrics always look fantastic! When buying outfits for children, select well-fitting clothes vs. something that they will grow into.
  • comfort : Please never wear something you are not 100% comfortable & confident in. If you have doubts, it will show in your photos. If you love wearing maxi dresses, wear it! If jeans & a stylish top are more your jam—go for it! You all will shine brighter in your photos if you feel good about what you are in!
  • barefoot : Something about being barefoot seems more relaxed & natural. If this is natural for your family, and works with our location—I have no problem with bare feet!
  • stylish : Last tip, (I promise!). Dress a little extra special. I’m notorious for being in leggings & a long shirt in my day-to-day life. However, for your photo session, consider selecting an outfit for you and each family member that is just a little step up from what you all would wear during everyday life. Think about jewelry, shoes, and other accessories to help make your session special.